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Unexpected by Lindsey Cord

Birdie Walton’s life is unexpected. When she finds out she is pregnant after a one night stand at a college party, everything she had planned is ruined. This new revelation leaves her to decide if she has what it takes to be a mother, despite having never had one to look up to.

Then, she meets Miles, the grumpy, borderline alcoholic neighbor, and the two of them seem completely wrong for each other. But despite the fact they can’t stand each other, they spend moment after moment sitting on the porch of their duplex, learning about each other. Within time, Birdie begins to chip away at Miles’s thick layers to find that he is rooted in devastation and sadness and haunted by his past. After getting to know him and more of his story, Birdie discovers that the two of them are intertwined in more ways than one and the secret she is keeping has the potential to ruin everything.

Will the secret be all it takes to push him away?

Or will the more time they spend together help them realize that the best parts of life happen when you least expect it?

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