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Kings Bride by Beck Michaels

He's the God of Death. She's the bride sent to kill him. Their union may be the end of them both.

The Everfrost is ruled by the King in his castle of ice. Some call him the Ice Phoenix, others the God of Death. The clans survive by one law alone: pay the King the homage he is due and never take what belongs to him. But when Sunnëva Morkhàn’s brother falls gravely ill, she will have to do exactly that.

Against every warning, she sneaks into the castle to steal the one thing that would save him—a magical rose. When the Ice Phoenix discovers her theft, the consequences leave her mourning and enraged. To spare the clan from his wrath, Sunnëva’s father offers her as a bride, and for a reason she cannot fathom, the King accepts.

Revenge is a delicate game Sunnëva is determined to play, even if killing the God of Death is no easy feat. But as secrets unfold around the alluring King, and dark threats emerge from the shadows, Sunnëva struggles to hold on to her hatred—and her heart.

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, King’s Bride is the first book in Beck Michaels’ companion prequel series, the Chronicles of Urn—each a dark tale of powerful Kings and the Queens that bring them to their knees...

Triggers: Strong Violence and past mention of Sexual Assault (not graphic)


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