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Daddies Next Door by Rebel Bloom

It all started on a date with a complete man-child, and it ended on the floor wedged between my three insanely hot older neighbors.

Did I mention one of them is my best friend’s dad?

I never thought I’d move back in with my father, but I didn’t intend on being dumped by my ex-fiancé either. Now that I’m home, I’ve been on dating apps trying to find a prince among crooked d*c pics and grown men obsessed with video games.

It hasn’t been easy.

Or at least it wasn’t, until I was rescued from a bad date by three silver-haired hotties, who also happen to be my next-door neighbors. Their proposition was innocent enough. They just wanted to show me what a real date with real men would be like. But their lessons were far too effective, and now I’m caught in a scandal....

There’s Holden, a spicy chef with silver temples and high cheekbones. He makes my mouth water with every kiss.

Dominic is a solid wall of muscles and the CEO of all silver foxes. I’ve always been a willful woman, but when he commands me, I am putty in his firm hands.

And then there’s Barrett who looks at me with an intensity that says anything but daughters’ best friend. He’s known me my whole life, and now he’s ready to claim me completely.

They should all be off-limits. Especially since I just started working with them, and both my father and my best friend would KILL me.

But would I let my life go up in flames to have the three of them touch me again? Abso-FN-lutely!

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